Foundations of Medico-Legal Practice Online Course

April 24, 2019 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Courses

Azlyn Creative is pleased to announce that registration for the Foundations of Medico-Legal Practice Online Course is officially open!

This  online version of the 2018 Foundations Course, as presented by The South African Medico-Legal Association (SAMLA) and UCT Law@work, will be presented on Panopto. Participants we be able to log in and view all 33 videos between 2 May 2019 and 28 February 2020 at their leisure.
Participants are encouraged and welcome to do the Foundations Course whilst they are doing the Comprehensive Series of Practical Workshops in Medico-Legal Practice that are being presented live in 2019 & 2020.
The Foundations Course was a resounding success with 310 participants countrywide in 2018.

“I use the learning from the foundations course daily in my medico-legal practice! The quality of my reports and my confidence in my reports drastically increased after completing the foundations course.”


“Given  the array of experts, I could not believe, and still cannot, how cheap the Course was. It was a once in a lifetime learning experience.”


“Very  informative and interactive session by experts and vast experience, it was worth the cost and attendance time.”


“As  Industrial Psychologist, the multidisciplinary approach was extremely informative, and I learned a lot. Overall, I gained self-confidence in my task as an expert.”


Certificates available from UCT are as follows:

  1. Participants who satisfactorily complete the Foundations Course will receive a Certificate of Completion of The Foundations of Medico-Legal Practice Course.
  2. Successful completion of the Foundations Course and all 10 Practical Workshops (i.e. 3 years of training) will earn participants an Umbrella Certificate of Competence in Medico-Legal Practice.

*Please note spaces are still available for the 2019 Workshops with the option of catching up all past workshops.

What to expect

The course is presented as a series of video lectures that will be available over 10 months. UCT will administer a multiple-choice exam online at the end of the course covering all the material.
The Foundation Course covers 6 subjects:

  • South African Law applicable to personal injury litigation
  • Ethical conduct in medico-legal practice
  • Psychology and communication in medico-legal practice
  • Logical reasoning
  • Medical science applicable to medico-legal practice
  • Other sciences applicable to medico-legal practice
Registration details

Registration begins on 23 April. Click here to download the registration form.

Please submit the completed registration form to:

The online course and exam are R15 000 if you register and pay upfront.

A payment plan is available at a rate of R1 700 per month over 10 months.

For more information please contact Azlyn Creative at:

More Testimonials:


“I am in the medical field and not the legal field. The course was valuable in that it provided an extensive all-round orientation to the field of medico-legal practice; it was taught, on the whole, by people who have credibility in their respective fields and wide experience in medico-legal work. I learned a fortune. The faculty that arranged and presented this course set a tone of serious learning, but also brought in humour and an air – throughout the course – of collegiality and friendship. They demonstrated enormous respect for the varied levels of knowledge and experience of the audience, which was no mean feat.
The lecture notes and slides were available before each lecture, making the note taking and listening easier, and in fact, resulted in every participant receiving notes that form an enormous text book to which they can refer.”


“I found it useful and learned a lot especially regarding the legal side of medico-legal work. It was very demanding to attend so many Saturdays as I also had to drive in from Middelburg, Mpumalanga to attend the Johannesburg venue. But I attended every lecture and enjoyed the course overall. I also wrote the exam and passed.”


“The course was well structured and course content good. The time allocated allowed for in-depth engagement. The lecturers were well informed in their respective fields. I highly recommend the course.”