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ARCA Durban provides an exclusive treatment for alcoholism and drug addiction throughout South Africa, offering a Rehabilitation Detox Naltrexone Treatment Program. We offer a superior, evidence-based, and medically cutting-edge approach to the treatment of addiction. If you have been frustrated by repeated failures at recovery; unaware that there are proven anti-craving medications that can significantly improve treatment outcomes, give us a confidential call to learn more about Assisted Recovery Centres of Africa’s program.

Addictive disorders, which include alcoholism, are as ancient as human existence. The effects of intoxication and hallucinogenic experience have filled mankind with a mixture of fear and fascination. The ability to dissociate from the normal to a state of ‘being outside the body’ has irresistibly drawn human beings to experiment with a cacophony of foods and drugs to achieve a state that is hard to describe.

The inability of society to offer remedies for people afflicted with addictive disorders often was translated into condemnation and stigma, which even to this day continues to be practiced in some form or the other. The stigma associated with the disease and the desperate search for help by the victims of the disease created a situation that led well-meaning scientists, physicians, clergymen and yes, even quacks and charlatans to offer remedies and cures that did more harm than good; – rightly observed, no group of people has been more exploited than alcoholics.

Assisted Recovery Centres of Africa is here to help you get your life back for good so if you are ready for assistance, please call ARCA Durban’s 24-Hour Help Line 078 27 22 911 for a confidential consultation.

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