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Donna  Clinic Medical Abortion Services: 
We offer our medical abortion services in safe comfortable and modern facilities.

We are situated in several convenient locations throughout South Africa. We maintain a number of physicians with experience in performing medical abortion.

Is the early period abortion medication safe to use?Prospect clinic has been using the recommended medications to terminate pregnancies. The medication has been studied for a number of years and it has produced effective results.

Which method is less painful?Usually the level of discomfort may be different from person to person because every women has a different amount of pain acceptance. Most women we encounter feel that because the chemical procedure is less intrusive so less painful.

How will I feel emotionally after the abortion?A large number of patients feel relieved after having our medical abortion procedure. Most of our clients feel that having an abortion is a very difficult decision we have realized this in most women we come across. The decision rests with an individual you.

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