Janine Tommy

Clinical Psychologist
(M.A. (Clin Psych) UWC)

Mobile Phone 084 739 1980
Work Phone 021 6892518
Email Address jayktommi@yahoo.co.uk
Practice Street Address 1 Roseberry Road, Mowbray,7700
Other Suburb Mowbray

1 Roseberry Rd, Mowbray, 7700

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I am a psychoanalytic psychotherapist and candidate psychoanalyst. My orientation is understanding the individual in treatment holistically so as to assist with current struggles and difficulties. I enjoy individual work with children, adolescents and adults. I treat a variety of difficulties including depression, anxiety, adjustment difficulties and so forth.

I have a particular interest in insight-oriented psychotherapy. In addition, I am interested in women’s issues, early mother-infant bonding, adjustment to motherhood/parenthood.

The psychotherapeutic process honours the strengths of each individual while working with their struggles simultaneously. I am interested in both short and long term work.

As I am a candidate psychoanalyst, I currently also offer psychoanalysis as a treatment option. Psychoanalysis is an in-depth treatment that offers an insightful understanding of oneself and patterns of relating that delves beyond conscious thinking. In this way, the individual is more able to make sense of the unconscious dynamics which keep one stuck and unable to make lasting change. Psychoanalysis helps to link problematic past patterns with current difficulties and in so doing assists in freeing the individual from present day struggles.

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Treatment Areas

Depression, anxiety, adjustment difficulties, women's issues, mother-infant bonding/difficulties, adjustment to motherhood/parenthood, identity difficulties, somatic complaints, general unhappiness/despair, loss, mourning, as well as self-awareness/growth.
Please note that I do treat a wide variety of issues/struggles.

Client Focus

Adult, adolescent and child

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