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Jung Platform : o provide a great introduction to the fundamentals of Jungian Psychology.
Now we are releasing this course, with one of the best teachers on Jungian Psychology: James Hollis. 
You can follow this course live, or via the recordings. The course starts on Aug 14, and we have an early bird discount for these 7 classes until
July 24th for just $149. More info here or below.

We have made a recording of the 6 hour course ‘Personal Mythology and the Quest of Meaning‘ with Dennis P. Slattery, and we have
recently re-released it. More info below or here.

A depth psychological perspective on ‘Being in Love’ start July 13.
In this course, Jungian Analyst Dr. Robert Moradi will explore how to
be with the ecstasy and fears that show up when being madly in love. 
Enjoy Moradi on love here in this 1 minute video.
More info about this ‘being in love’ course here.  
Jungian psychology for daily life– James Hollis
4-class course on ‘being in love’  -Robert Moradi


Personal Myth and the Quest for Meaning-Dennis P. Slattery

Placebo course by Richard Kradin MD

Jungian Psychology for daily lifean introduction to the fundamentals of
Jungian psychology
a 7-class courseby James Hollis

Have you ever wanted to learn the fundamentals of Jungian psychology, or you want to deepen your knowledge of it? Then this is the course
for you! 
One of the best teachers on Jungian Psychology, James Hollis will
explore and explain some of Jung’s basic ideas. Such as the structure of the psyche with terms as shadow, anima/animus, archetypes and
collective unconscious. Hollis will take you on a depth tour through the ideas of projection, transference and symbols of the psyche. Further
this course will give your practical ways to work with your dreams,
and Jung’s technique of Active Imagination. We also asked James Hollis to touch on Jung’s deep thoughts on suffering, meaning, and death. 
This and more in a beautiful 7 class course. 

Format: 7 live webinars + access to the audio and video recordings 
Tuition Fee –  $167 – and until July 24th just $149
If you know anyone that would benefit and enjoy this course, please
forward the email to them. 
More information and/or enrollment here
Personal Mythology and the Quest for Meaninga 6-hour course by
Dennis P. Slattery

The course: In this 6 hour audio course, Dennis P. Slattery explores
several angles on the complexity of personal mythology. Jung himself
saw it as “the task of tasks” for anyone of us. Not knowing some of the
contours of our personal mythology leaves us open to all forms of
propaganda, abuse and misdirection. Especially when we unknowingly or knowingly, begin to live out another’s personal myth, leaving our
own gasping at the side of road, unacknowledged and unlived.
Participants will come to a greater understanding of what myth is
wanting to live through them.

Romantic Love As a Dream – by Jungian Analyst Robert Moradi ..
enjoy this blog here
Dennis P. Slattery is a new Jung Platform Faculty blogger. He will
write 10 blogs in the next year on Mythology. Here is blog number 1: 
The Yearning to Create.

Vlog – (a video recorded blog) 
On Love – by Jungian Analyst Robert Moradi..enjoy it here  Visit Our
Jung Platform, 29 West Layton Avenue, Salt Lake City, UT 84115