Therapist Online: Signs you should start seeing a therapist

Nowadays, the issue of mental health is more widespread and accepted compared to the past few decades. More and more people are accepting that depression and anxiety disorders are not just “all in your head”. It’s a very real issue that can take the lives of countless people in an instant. 

We understand this struggle here at Therapist Online, which is why we decided to open our business and reach out to more people. Through talking and safely expressing one’s feelings, we can bring our community one step closer to a healthier mind and life. If you think you need a therapist, read up on some of the telltale signs below: 

Constantly experiencing stress 

It’s important to remember that stress is very normal. However, if you think that the stress is truly getting to you and it’s stopping you from functioning, then that could mean that you need to visit a therapist. Be sure to observe yourself and make a decision from there. 

Difficulty getting through daily activities 

This is one of the less noticeable signs that your mental health is declining. Try to observe yourself on a daily basis. If you think that you are having trouble getting up or making it through your day, then that could mean you’re suffering from a type of mental illness. It’s not a good idea to self-diagnose, but visiting a therapist to find out won’t hurt at all. 

Withdrawing from hobbies and loved ones 

It’s a given that everyone has their hobbies and interests. If you or anyone you know is starting to withdraw from their social life and personal interests, then this is a big red flag. It could mean that they are focusing on the more negative aspects of their lives and wish to withdraw from certain things or people in their lives. 

Inconsistent anxiety and fatigue 

Depression, anxiety and many other mental illnesses can come in different forms. The process varies depending on the person and the symptoms are inconsistent as well. Out of all the cases that we have seen at Therapist Online, anxiety and fatigue are some of the most common. If you’re experiencing this, then it may be time to see a therapist. 

Depressive or suicidal thoughts 

Out of all the signs in this list, having depressive or suicidal thoughts is the most severe. If you or anyone you know is having these thoughts, then visiting a therapist is a must. It can be dangerous to be left alone and allow the illness to take over your mind. Instead, try to centre yourself and book an appointment as soon as possible. 

Remember that visiting a therapist is nothing to be ashamed of. It doesn’t mean you’ve failed as a person or you have to rely on someone else to survive. This simply means that you’re willing to accept help and work on getting better.