Therapists Online: How to overcome addiction

Therapists Online: How to overcome addiction

Just as there are different kinds of addiction, there are also a plethora of treatments available. It is not a one-size-fits-all treatment. It needs to be specific to your condition. For this to work, you need to coordinate with your therapist and consult them on the best methods for you to pursue. 

Along with condition-specific treatments, there are also options that depend on the substance that you are abusing, your health, what your health care option can afford and the level of care that you need. Take a look at the common addiction treatments that we can offer right here at Therapist Online, your online platform for the best psychological treatments and consultations.  


Detoxification is a medically assisted procedure that removes the addictive substances in your body through safe means. This is effective since it prevents withdrawal that might cause unpleasant or even life-threatening effects on your body. You should take note that since detoxification only removes the substance but doesn’t necessarily treat addiction, it is often used in combination with other procedures.

Cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT)

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy is one of the most valuable treatment tools since it can treat different types of addiction such as food addiction, alcohol addiction and drug addiction. What it does is allow you to be more aware of the unhealthy behavioural patterns that you have. Moreover, it also gives you a clear idea of what your triggers are and what coping mechanisms you have.  

Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy (REBT)

The thing about addiction is that it is easy to relapse if you are not careful in recognizing your behavioural patterns. One treatment that works is Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy. This treatment allows you to recognize the negative thoughts that flood your mind and gives you ways on how you can handle them instead of falling into the deep end. In short, it allows you to think rationally and recognize which is real and which thoughts are only in your head. 

Contingency Management (CM) 

CM is a treatment that is mostly used to treat a variety of addictions which includes narcotics, tobacco, caffeine and alcohol. This treatment allows you to prevent going back to drugs through positive reinforcement. CM treatment means that every time you refuse the urge to do drugs again, you will receive a tangible reward. According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, it is a successful treatment in preventing relapse.

Treatment with medication 

Treatment with medication is still questionable to some with people saying that if a person is suffering from drugs, why do professionals give them more? The answer to that is simple. The prescribed medications for drug addicts don’t have the same addicting effect as the abused substances. What these medications do is decrease addictive behaviour, reduce your cravings and help you improve your mood.