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Institute for Psychodynamic

Child Psychotherapy

Institute for Psychodynamic

Child Psychotherapy


The Institute of Psychodynamic Psychotherapy (IPCP) in Cape Town would like to inform clinicians and students of the upcoming Child Development Course. Originally designed by Graham Music, consultant child and adolescent psychotherapist, Tavistock Clinic, London and author of ‘Nurturing Natures’, the course offers students an acquaintance with recent and original research in early child development. Papers/texts are prescribed for each of the 14 seminars.

IPCP (CT) 2017 / 2018 CHILD DEVELOPMENT COURSE – proposed seminars

Modules                                                                                                                                              Facilitators
Seminar 1:  Introduction to developmental research and pre-natal life                                   Bea Wirz
Seminar 2: Primed to relate and the importance of very early experience                             Bea Wirz
Seminar 3:  Attachment Theory                                                                                                       Bea Wirz
Seminar 4: Neurobiology and Early Development                                                                       Nicky Jordan
Seminar 5: Culture, Diversity and Developmental issues                                                            Wonique Dreyer
Seminar 6:  Language, Empathy and Other Minds                                                                       Trish Lever
Seminar 7: Memory and Internal Representations of Relationships                                         Nicky Jordan
Seminar 8: Early Defences in Response to Adverse Circumstances                                          Melanie Horwitz
Seminar 9:  Play, Creativity and Flexibility                                                                                      Judy Davies
Seminar 10: Adolescence and Early Adulthood                                                                            Carol Cheesman
Seminar 11: Humans as a Group Species                                                                                        Judy Davies
Seminar 12: Gender, Sexuality & the Role of the Father                                                             Nicky Jordan /

in Early Childhood Emotional Development                                                           Trish Leaver

Seminar 13: Moral Development – Pro-social and anti-social behaviors’                                  Nicky Jordan
Seminar 14:  Maltreatment and Resilience                                                                                    Diane Sandler


Proposed starting date: 4th August 2017


Venue: Alma Road, Rosebank


Cost: R2800.00 for 14 seminars; students and interns R1400.00


CPD: Applied for


Course Coordinator: Bea Wirz, can be contacted for further information on (021) 674 – 4441 /

082 974 5055 /