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Rehabilitation Centres for Drug and Alcohol Addiction

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We do recover: Call or email for a referral in your area. Private Alcohol and Drug Addiction Treatment.

Find an Alcohol Detox or Drug Rehab in your area today! Clinics recommended around South Africa

  • Immediate admission to the best private addiction clinics.
  • The largest network of private addiction rehabs, alcohol detox and treatment centres in South Africa .
  • Call now and get expert advice from professionally trained and supervised addiction counsellors.
  • Using our advisory service to determine which addiction treatment centre, detox or rehabilitation centre best meets your needs cost no more than if you’d approached the clinic directly and sometimes we can even arrange discounts.
  • It’s not easy to know what the best drug addiction rehab looks like.  Many treatment centres will claim to have the best recovery program and outcomes.
  • Drug addiction and alcoholism are serious diseases and ensuring that you receive a high quality of care during your treatment is crucial.
  • Whilst the costs of drug addiction rehab may be high they can be recouped easily within time which the patient will have plenty of when they’re in a stable contented recovery. If the patient does not go for treatment, get the help they need and find recovery, the costs of their ongoing addiction will no doubt be even higher.

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