Self, Community & Psychology – ed. Ratele, Duncan, Hook, Mkhize, Kiguwa, Collins

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Self, Community and Psychology is a reader for students at the University of South Africa studying community psychology. It brings together some of the best recent local work written from critical, social constructionist, participatory and liberatory perspectives. The text was selected from two volumes dealing with social psychology and critical psychology respectively (Critical Psychology edited by Derek Hook, Nhlanhla Mkhize, Peace Kiguwa and Anthony Collins and Social Psychology: Identities and Relationships edited by Kopano Ratele and Norman Duncan). Both titles were published by UCT Press.

Self, Community and Psychology provides a broad introduction to community psychology and power and social formations and posits a liberatory response utilising critical analysis, self-definition and collective action.This text addresses ideologies of race, gender and sexuality that together create particular South African post-colonial  realities which legitimise oppression and cultural dispossession.


Liberation psychology

Critical reflections on community and psychology in South Africa

Social psychology and research methods

Psychology: an African perspective

Sociocultural approaches to psychology: dialogism and African conceptions of the self

Frantz Fanon and racial identity in postcolonial contexts

Feminist critical psychology in South Africa


Activity theory as a framework for psychological research and practice in developing societies

Participatory action research and local knowledge in community contexts

Street life and the construction of social problems

The role of collective action in the prevention of HIV/Aids in South Africa

Understanding and preventing violence

Key benefits:

Key themes that the text explores include:

the act of making knowledge about selves in communities

the discourses, ideologies and cultures that shape communities and how they are understood

change processes in the increasingly complex interactions between global and local communities

poverty (as reflected in the lives of street children)




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