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April 26, 2020 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Online course

Hi everyone

I am very excited to let you know that we have just launched ASTAR online and our first course is now live!

This has been a dream in the pipeline for years as many people all over the world have asked for access to Astar processes. We have worked with urgency to release our first online course during this time of global lockdown as this creative healing work is most needed now.

I invite you to unlock your creativity and open up creative space in your home during this challenging time of lockdown with a creative journey for all ages to do together under one roof!

Mandalas ~ Healing Art for All is a course designed for parents and children and everyone in your home to experience the joy of creativity together.

If you live communally, you can share this creative journey and if you live alone, you can explore your relationship with your creative self through this course.

The course includes 10 projects which can be done as a daily ritual or at your own pace over a longer time. This is an ideal starter course for everyone as no previous art experience is required and a wide range of exciting art techniques using very accessible materials, are clearly explained through many inspiring videos. These techniques provide a toolkit for mixed media artmaking and exploration for life.

Join me for this healing creative process which will help you find a peaceful rhythm in your home during lockdown and will provide an essential antidote to so much time spent on screens and devices.

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While ASTAR online courses are designed to reach people all over the world, I am happy to be able to offer a special half price local rate, available to South Africans due to the current exchange rate during these challenging times, as well as concessions to schools, institutions, and individuals on enquiry. 
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In this time of limitation and isolation, we have the opportunity to tap into our creativity as an incredible resource for energy, inspiration and healing so please send this out into your networks as widely as possible to all those who may need this now.

I also intend to release Astar courses with a focus on creativity for personal growth soon so watch this space and follow Astar on social media to receive these offerings when they arrive.

The dream is to see many people all over the world lighting the creative flame in their homes, sharing the warmth of creativity.

With love

Help us spread the creative flame ~
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